• Oh-6-Ate-Ate-Oh, Jerri

Pad Thai

She walked the streets of her town a few hours after she knew the house was fully asleep. The January air was crisp on her skin and took away the scent of the dinner she had slaved over. Theo cried and spit it out, Janey ate two helpings and asked for a third, Jenny took hers to her room, and Ryan sulked in the corner with a bowl of it glowing in the light of the constant video game playing in front of him. Frank had stayed in the city again. This was the third night this month and it was only the 10th. He would have appreciated the pad Thai she made for dinner tonight. It had been one of their favorites when they were in college. They'd sit at the small Thai place next to her apartment and stuff their faces with the thick noodles that left their lips shiny and tingling with spices. He had kissed her the first time after they'd eaten three orders of noodles. Frank loved to eat. His body was lean and that of a swimmer's, but he had the appetite of a man three times his size. She loved watching him eat. The way his eyes would light up when he bit into something that popped with flavor between his teeth and onto tongue. The kiss was in front of the small waitress with burns on her arms that may or may not have been from hot plates. Frank's lips tasted of fish sauce and his tongue burned of garlic. It had been her first real kiss.

Frank was possibly with that woman again. It had become a new thing in recent months that she had chosen to ignore. He would come back to her. He always did. His appetite would be fulfilled for a while. The taste of someone else would make him happy and then he would realize that what he needed was waiting for him at home. With the air on her cheeks, she walked on and told herself the story she needed to get through the night.

What we see.

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