• Oh-6-Ate-Ate-Oh, Jerri

The Bra-optional Reality of Quarantine

While my relationship with my breasts, bras, and all of that has been rather fun over the years, in the past month and a half, I've released my need to wear a bra on a regular basis. My breasts have decided they don't give a shit what anyone thinks about where they sit or how they hang. In June, I'll turn 49. My breasts have fed a child and seen the ups and downs of weight gains and losses with my love-hate relationship with food tattooed in stretch marks on my skin. Now, with breasts that have seen the other side of time, I'm becoming cool with them. Sitting in my living room one morning, I realized that life had finally become bra-optional.

A bra-optional life is one where no one is caring or looking at where your breasts hang. Their perkiness on a webcam or the lens of a cellphone doesn't matter as much as they did in the face of reality that we aren't the sum total of these parts. Currently, I'm wearing a sports bra. It's compressing me and I have the uniboob that's great for sports, but horrible for clothing. I've done no sports other than twisting searching for something I lost. I'll make my way out of this bra in a minute or two, just to feel the release. I wish there were a theme song that played when I removed my bra. Something sort of triumphant. A horn. Like a fanfare from a medieval court or another.

But, I think about why I put on a bra today in the first place and why I'm still wearing it now. I wanted to feel tidy. Put together though no one would see me unclose other than the cashier at Trader Joe's and my daughter. This unique period in time isn't just a time for me to think about why I'm wearing a bra when I don't need to, but why I do half of the things I do in the face of a reality that is often for the sake of other people. When we take off the layers and see the reasons behind our actions, are they for our own benefit or for others? Do we wear bras from the benefit of other people and how they perceive us or for our own benefit?

I like a life where I live it braoptionally, occasionally, dipping a boob into all of the many options one can have is enough. Like so many of the options in life we can or can not.and shouldn't be judged upon our desire to partake or to not partake.

It has been written, so it shall be.