jerri graham

We remember the world through images

I'm the baby in the bonnet. My older sister is holding me. This photo is one of only a handful that I have of myself as a child. When I look at them, they spark these little flames of memory that take me back. With this image, I travel back to the safety of my sister's arms and my family. I go back to a time when all was simple. This is the power of images. Photos taken with the push of a button capturing us as we are for that very moment. 

Photography is a love my father gave me and one I practice daily as it is my passion, purpose, and way of helping others leave their mark. While I studied photography in college, I received the majority of my training through the Department of Defense Photography School while I was in the U.S. Navy. Though the subjects are extremely different, the skills and patience I learned have allowed me to further my own vision of photography.