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Jerri Graham



"Everyone is beautiful in some way or another, except for people who don't use turn signals." 

I'm a photographer and a writer. I use these two words to define myself and the work that I want to do in this life that I lead. These words define me because as a photographer, I am tasked with leading a life capturing it through a camera. It is a profession, but also something that resonates within me. I think of the movie, "Brokeback Mountain" and the line,"I wish I knew how to quit you," when it comes to photography. It is in my bones and my original joy I found with my father in our basement back in Ohio. Under the developer, we'd expose a scene we'd captured with a click of a button and a playing with light. It was control. Control of skill, equipment, timing, and ingredients, so perfectly woven to make images. 

I take this all to heart when I take photos and call myself a photographer in that sense. 

Calling myself a writer without a great number of published works is something I'm only coming to terms with. I call myself a writer because there are words within me that I have to get out. I write daily in some form or another. The years making a living as a writer were spent crafting my words for others. Now, I'm working on making my words my own for the benefit of whoever reads them. Words have such a power because they are also the snapshots of moments that are from either the past, present, or made up futures and worlds. They can capture like a photo what we want to share with others. 

So, I'm Jerri Graham, Photographer and Writer. 




Beau Home / Blossom & Stem  / Harper Collins / Author, Jane Green / New Canaan Public Library / People Magazine / Staples High School Music Department  / The Westport Permanent Arts Collection / Westport Lifestyle / Westport Magazine / Westport Museum / Zadig & Voltaire


2020 | Portrait exhibition at POP't Art Gallery in Westport, CT



2021 | Best of The Goldcoast Portrait Photographer


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