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Though she was nearly 33, Tammy had only experienced two real boyfriends. There had been Toby when she was 21 who she flung her virginity at on the dog's blanket in his mother's basement. He had been the first guy to kiss her and tell her she was pretty. Still living with his mother at 25, the closest he'd come to a woman was kissing a distant cousin at a family reunion when he was 16. Tammy was a miracle.

On the drive to his house, Tammy's heart thumped in her throat. She told her mother she was visiting a friend and to not wait up. She'd washed her hair and pressed it straight. Once she'd start to sweat, the back would kink up, put it would hold for a bit. She'd burnt the back of her neck a little with the comb because her hands had been shaking all afternoon thinking of their plans.

Toby slobbered on her face for two minutes while tugging at the waistband of her panties.

Her hands were cold on his skin as she pulled down his jeans hearing the clunk of his buckle hit the floor. She wanted to see it. For years, she'd only looked at them in magazines and when she'd watch porn at her grandmother's house on HBO. But, she'd never seen one up close.

For five minutes she studied it. Taking him in her hand, she looked at the eyeball that was a slit in the center glistening and growing. She had practiced putting on the condom with a banana. Her mother had packed it in her lunch. The library had a great sandwich truck, but her mother insisted on sending Tammy to work with a nutritious lunch. Tammy wanted to act, or at least feel like she knew what she was doing.

Toby's penis did resemble a banana. A shorter, thinner, and super curved one. She didn't love him or like him. He liked her and that was enough. The old Golden Retriever was shedding and nearing death way too close to her long wool coat she'd picked up at Goodwill. The other dog, the one with the big tumor was sleeping in the basket a few feet away. Tammy didn't expect them to be there to witness this moment.

'This was it,’ she thought feeling herself responding to his thick tongue opening her mouth with a taste of pepperoni and mushrooms and hops. His mother had ordered the pizza and the beer were left over from when they'd cooked out with his older brother.

Toby had tasted like salt most of the time. He used too much of it in his food and had a sweat that would make her skin burn when he kissed her too much. His mother had been happy that he finally had a girlfriend. She would listen to them grunting and tugging at one another's parts from the intercom that Tammy could hear as a low hum.

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