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I've been unlucky in love. I've thought I've been in love and I've said it a few times to different men in my life, but on reflection, it was more of a strong "like" and not "loveeeee." At almost 50, I can sometimes get a little sad when I reflect on not being in love. I grew up in a home where my parents fought often. They called one another names that were a combination of hilarious and tragic. Lobbing insults like pros at Wimbledon, their five children were the unwilling spectators on a court of pain. As a result, three out of five of us are divorced and the other two have never married. But, I don't despair because I know that one day I'll find the sort of love that is right for me. He's a unicorn with a great sense of humor, a penchant for women who like to move furniture, vegetarian food, singing random songs, and much more. Though I haven't found him yet, I know that like with other things in my life, when I'm ready to make the effort, I'll get what I really want.

As a photographer, capturing the love between couples has become an obsession. Whether it's an intimate ceremony or a family photo session, watching two people interact in their love is candy for my soul. Like a kid craving sugar, I gobble it all up to show myself and them the love that I see; the love I want them to hold onto forever, the love I'd love for myself.


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