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"I don't know where I'm going, but I'm certain I'll eventually get there." - Me

Last week, I photographed my friend's big birthday party in her backyard. It was an absolute blast and was exactly how I would spend any party that I attend. The photos were a mixture of using the available ambient light and also bouncing a small strobe off of her house to light the guests.

My goal with photographing any event is to make images that'll fire off memories in the minds of the guests and the hosts. I want them to look back at each and every one of the photos and pop back for a second into that night when they were surrounded with the love, light, and laughter of the ones they love.

This is why I do it.

I have a bat mitzvah this weekend and a wedding next week in Cabo. I'm super excited for both and am counting down the days until both. Each will be events where I get to be the fly on the wall and also the archiver of these memories for others. It's an honor and I pleasure that I treasure.

Cant' wait!

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