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Portraits have a purpose.

Years ago, I never would have thought that we'd all walk around with cameras in our pockets and take photos of anything and everything we see. Our meals, pets, and desires are photographed and images fill the seconds, minutes, and hours of our day as we consume them with our ever-hungry eyes. Many of us are in the habit of taking the occasional selfie and update our profile pic with a regularity like one would change their socks. Photographs that once took weeks to get back are before us within seconds.

But, portraits are different. When someone reaches out for a portrait session, it's rather a big thing in my opinion. Portraits are an acknowledgment that you want to be seen. Not only seen, but captured for a moment in time by someone else. Hopefully, that someone is me and the portrait I take will be one that you'll look at with joy for years to come. My greatest hope is really to capture as much of a person's life as I can. To be the painter with light who documents a life through my lens for as long as I can stand or roll on my stool.

Portraits are intentional. They are you telling the world, "I WAS HERE! THIS IS ME! SEE ME!" While the all caps makes it look bold and yelling, a portrait is a statement to the universe that you care about your place in it. Come sit before me and let me show you who I see.

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