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The Beach.

Part 1

Susan stood at the edge of the jetty. Her home was less that 200 hundred yards away and the children were still napping from when their nanny had put them down. No one had seen her slip out. No one ever really paid attention to when she came and went in her own home. Her children had taken over being the main focus since their birth three years ago, and her mother in law had made it know that Susan's work was done. The twins, boys, Jacob and Jared were fine as children go, but whenever she caught a glimpse of them, she knew they'd one day look and sound just like their father. At times, she thought about running away with them and seeing if her nurturing them could take away some of the horrible nature that she knew would be part of their future if they stayed in the influence of their father. But, like always, she didn't have the courage.

By their second birthday, they were his sons and nothing she could do would ever change it. They had his pale hair that wasn't one color or another, skin that was thin and showed every vessel and vein in their little bodies, and noses that turned up in a fashion that looked as if something was always about to smell unexpectedly horrible. She loved them as much as she could. Of course she had loved them as any mother would, but it wasn't the heart strings tugging sort of love she expected to feel. Every morning, she'd check on them and see how they'd slept and what they had planned for the day. Their nanny always gave an efficient report.

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