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The Sophisticated Stoner’s: Cranberry Brie Nugget Mini Baguettes

I went to Paris for the first time when I was 15 on a high school travel-club trip. We did a tour of Madrid, Paris, and finished it off in London. Coming from Columbus, Ohio, this was all a big deal for me and for my family. I was the first of us to go to Europe, to have a passport, and to venture to do something different. We weren’t poor, but we weren’t rich with five kids and two parents in a ranch on a small street where we were just one family in an all Black neighborhood.

But, from that first trip whenever I’ve had the chance, I’ve made my way back there. I’ve got an affinity for stinky cheese and French men (this one guy I dated loved stinky cheese and never wore deodorant. He even sent me a t-shirt of his when I was in the Navy that he wore. It smelled like shit. I think I only liked him because he liked me.)

I also try to capture a bit of Paris whenever I can in my meals. This is a bastardization of everything, but was a delicious lunch.

The Sophisticated Stoner’s Cranberry Brie Nugget Mini Baguettes

Ingredients Used (sometimes I’ll take the photo and then not use it)

2 mini baguettes

4 Impossible nuggets

Fistful of arugula

Tablespoon or so of cranberry sauce (must use it in everything to make sure I’m not a wasteful beast)

Slices of Brie

Preheat air fryer to 400. Cook baguettes and nuggets for 4 minutes. Remove bread. Cook nuggets until done to your liking.

Slice bread.

Make a mix of cranberry sauce and mayonnaise. I used some Kewpie because I didn’t want to dirty up another spoon and I could squeeze it out.

Cut nuggets in half.

Stuff them inside baguette and top with slices of the Brie.

Pop back in air fryer. Cook until cheese melts.

Remove and put sauce on one side of bread and stuff with arugula to make yourself feel good that you’re getting a veggie. Salt and pepper. Drizzle with balsamic glaze for a bit of acid. Crispy onions on it would be good, too before they go off.

This was really a satisfying bite for me and I think I’ll make a version of this for a party I’m having in a few weeks. They feed right nicely into a mouth.

My jaw isn't sore like it was a couple of weeks ago. It's weird when the skeleton starts to do funky things.

Enjoy 😉

Thin slices of brie.

I didn't use the spreadable butter.

Air fry the nuggets and bread at the same time. Take out the bread after 3-4 minutes. Let the bread cool off a little bit. Continue air frying the nuggets.

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